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The David and Barbara Mungenast Foundation

The Dave and Barbara Mungenast Foundation was created in 1996 to fulfill Dave and Barb's desire to share their success with the community and environment. While growing their successful businesses, cultivating real estate developments, and, most importantly, raising their family, Dave and Barb experienced the great fortune of living in the United States of America. Many travels and business ventures abroad taught them to appreciate the unparalleled opportunities that had been available to them.  Both felt a deep sense of community with their country and with the St. Louis area, and became committed to giving back to the people who helped make them successful.

For these reasons, Dave and Barb sought to invest in the future of America by funding youth development programs, implementing green practices at their automotive centers, and developing new entrepreneurial businesses to create jobs and provide a higher standard of living.

The Mungenast Automotive Family continues to be the most ardent financial supporter of the Foundation and ensures that Dave and Barb's wishes continue to be funded. Each year, a portion of the Mungenast Automotive Family profits goes to the Dave and Barbara Mungenast Foundation. Recipients of funds from this foundation include: the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Gene Slay's Boys´ Club of St. Louis, the St. Louis Area Foodbank, St. Anthony´s Medical Center, and the KlaasKids Foundation, an organization dedicated to the prevention of child abduction. Barbara Mungenast upholds her and her husband's family values and their commitment to giving back by continuing this tradition today with her three sons: David Jr., Ray, and Kurt.

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